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Sunday, 13 May 2012

STYLINGDIARY: Photoshoot day

Today was the big day! We picked up the two models and the photographer from their respective houses around 12.30 and arrived at the hotel shortly before 1pm, my alloted time.
Once we got in there it was all about getting the models dressed and hair and accessories sorted. For the woman, Abbey, the hair was quite challenging as we did not have a hair/make-up artist. However I did take a lot of examples of Victorian hair styles of the period for instance:

For the hair in the photo I chose to copy the style of the second drawing down from the top in the image, but the added my own twist by clipping in a hair decoration I had made. I feel that this linked it back to the Arnolfini as in the original there was a white veil on the head of the woman.
For my man, Ryan, hair was not an issue as it was to be hidden underneath his top hat in the image.
Both of their costumes worked so well for the feel of the image, the setting and their link to the original.
My fantastic Photographer, Charlotte Dart ( understood exactly what I wanted out of the shoot and took such brilliant photo's for me to work with.
Here are just a few of the unedited images from the day:

The King's Room

The Models and my wonderful Assistant Charlie Bestwick

This has to be my favourite shot.
It really looks like a still from a film!

I thoroughly enjoyed today and I found it very exciting to be in charge of a historical shoot, even if it was for only a few photographs!
After we had finished and I had settled up the £25 for the room hire:

We moved onto the second location for Charlie's photo, on which I assisted. At the Miramar Hotel on the sea front. The setting was in the hotel lounge and was so perfect for her remake photograph!


Her chosen image and her final edited photo!

Charlie Bestwick (

It's absolutely incredible! I just hope I get get mine to such a high standard!

I really enjoyed the whole process today and the planning that went into it. Organising the shoot was really fun and I hope to do it again sometime even if it is just in my spare time.

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