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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Setting: Research #4

After my tutorial today I felt a lot calmer about my setting fiasco! I was suggested a few locations in Bournemouth to check out; three hotels.
The first hotel I visited was the 'Hotel Miramar' over looking the sea.

 This Hotel was lovely and had a lot of great features, however it was not of the right period for my photo shoot. I am still looking for the Victorian style room or around that era as it is integral to the theme of the photo.

The managers of this hotel were very nice indeed, offering the use of their rooms or library free of charge as long as we like, as long as they were free. For another project I would defiantly consider the Miramar Hotel.

The second hotel I visited was 'The Lillie Langtry Manor' hotel.

This hotel was absolutely beautiful. When I visited there was a wedding party there preparing for the reception so it was pretty chaotic, however the receptionist still took me to a few rooms as examples, which were wonderful. However I also saw 'The Kings Room' (right) which it totally perfect for my photo and is available on Sunday evening! I am so excited now that I have a location that is pretty much exactly what I was looking for and I am now in the process of organising my two models for the day, the photographer and hair and make-up!

I visited a third hotel just to be sure and it was stunning from the outside! 'The Tudor Grange' hotel is also near the sea front.

This hotel was stunning from the outside, a Tudor style in a lush green garden setting, it didn't feel like I was at the seaside at all anymore! Inside was all dark panelling which could also have been really nice only the bedrooms have been renovated to a modern standard.
Also a down side to this venue for any future projects is that they asked for a us to pay a fee if we did want to use it at anytime. Which neither of the others did.

Today was really interesting. Using hotels as settings was something I hadn't initially thought of so it really opened up another route for me to find the bedroom that I needed! I can't wait to get it done now!

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