Self Directed Project: Painting For Inspiration

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Reflection: Styling Setting

When I first started out on this unit of Paintings for Inspiration I was so excited by the overall prospect of the final image that I almost overlooked the technicalities of setting a photo in a non-contemporary period. I also overestimated the amount of locations I had to choose from when deciding on a Victorian era remake. From this I have learnt the challenge behind finding a suitable location as well as one that is actually available for hire! I now know that National Trust houses (while they may be more than willing to open their doors for big feature films) aren't so accommodating to University students with very little funds!
While my minor setback,(my request being rejected from Kingston Lacy National Trust) was frustrating, I feel that it allowed me to do what I planned to do all along with this project, to extend my researching skills. Therefore by visiting other types of property, the Hotels for instance, I got a much larger cross section of options for the bedroom which resulted in me finding the perfect room at the Lillie Langtry Manor Hotel!
One thing that I was not anticipating was how much I enjoyed the location hunting. I have always had a love of Historic buildings and stately homes and to be able to use this knowledge and passion for my photo was really exciting.

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