Self Directed Project: Painting For Inspiration

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


The filming unit of our Self Directed Project was one that I was greatly looking forward to. I have always been interested in working on film and since the start of this year I have been more and more sure that it is what I wish to specialise in, in level 6 next year. I knew I would learn a lot about the industry but I feel that I have gained a lot more knowledge than I could have anticipated.
This unit has really helped with my confidence after the last project knocked me slightly. It also helped with my confidence in meeting new people. Being alone and having to become a member of a team who already know each other (the film crews) was daunting at the beginning but as soon as I had my first meeting I realised that working as a team on such a chaotic project made it very easy indeed to make friends.
A key lesson I learnt while participating in Painting for Inspiration was how patient you must be to stay sane while working on a film! Working with a Director and a writer together meant that the script changed a great many times and in turn the characters to dress. I made sure to keep all my research and to be open to any changes that were given to me.
Most valuable of all was learning how being a costume designer/ supervisor/ assistant actually works out on a shoot and on an actual film production team. While all of our tutorials and workshops have been constructive and very helpful, gaining real experience was so much fun! I really enjoyed working as part of the two film teams and learning a little about a few different specialities such as the camera dept, the sound dept and editing.

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