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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Reflection: Filming Shoot 2

The shoot day for 'Memorial' came as somewhat of a relief. There was not a clear route from the film pitch to the shoot as differences between the Writer and Director meant that the script changed quite a few times and the characters along with it. This meant that for me, the creative process was rather disjointed and my final ideas that are seen on screen are the result of just 2 days work due to all the previous research being redundant.
While this was frustrating at times, I believe that it has taught me a valuable lesson about the designing industry. I have had to alter designs and ideas to correlate with what the Director asked me to but I still managed to find a way to put my own ideas forward to help him to make decisions.
Other things I learnt a great deal about is the basic workings of the camera and sound crew. This learning is a continuation from last weeks shoot where I sat and chatted with the sound guy for a long time. I also learnt about the clapper and how it is also their job to put in the film. I found it extremely interesting to see how you have a separate person standing with the camera man at all times just to adjust the focus on a shot if the subject moves from close up to far away.
I really love finding out about all the aspects of the filming process and I have even been chatting to the editor about his role in post production. I know that it isn't really anything to do with a costume designer's role at all but I much prefer to know a little about all the elements of filming as it helps me to to make more informed choices on my work. And also because I love learning about new things!
As a final reflection on this filming and also the 'Bridges' shoot as well I have discovered just how much I love being involved in a film. Even though it is stressful, changeable and tedious at times and you have to be very patient indeed I have made a great many friends already, have learnt a lot about the film industry and how it works and, most importantly to me with regards to my future career choices, I absolutely loved the shoot days themselves. I had so much fun on this project and I can't wait to do more next year.

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