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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'Memorial' Shoot Setting

The setting location for the 'Memorial' shoot was chosen quite early on in the production process due to the painting and therefore script being set in a forest.
The initial location that was chosen was The Great Yews in Salisbury. They are in a stunning national park and would have been perfect for this shoot. A bonus factor of these woods was that all of the Yew trees are dead and poisoned so look skeletal and their sap is a dark crimson colour and seeps out of the bark, reminiscent of blood. (this is alluded to in the script)

 Unfortunately, the day before shooting was due to commence, it was discovered that the woods were not practical for filming and that the national park had not given permission for them to be used.
Therefore another option was necessary.
The woods that were used in the final film were Talbot Woods, just over the road from uni, I wasn't even fully aware just how large they were and I think they will work just as well in the final cut of 'Memorial':

While the Yew forest would have been spectacular I feel that Talbot Woods worked just as well and with editing and grading the overall finish will look great!

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