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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Yesterday was my shoot day! After a lot of script and location changes the day finally arrived and we set off to the location in Talbot woods, just 5 minutes from AUCB.
The film, based on the painting by Max Leiberman 'Memorial Service for Kaiser Friedrich at Kosen':

The scripts for this particular film were all very different to one another due to artistic differences between the Director and the Writer therefore my research has fluctuated significantly for each! However, the final script which I recieved on Sunday morning had just 7 characters; one principle and 6 extras.
The shoot day itself ran fairly smoothly but did go on longer than everyone anticipated. There were a lot of tracking shots and these take a long time to set up and move (but create a really nice effect on screen). An element of this shoot that differed to the previous was that there was no make-up student on set! One of my extra's voulenteered to do make-up, which was fantastic as I'm not so great but I was charged with doing the actress' hair. This was fine aside from the continuity when scenes were shot out of sequence. But we kept a lot of photo's to document this and it all seemed to work out very well!
 As before, I took A LOT of photo's
on set to document the day:

5 of my extras!

By the end of this shoot day I was totally exhausted but I felt so satisfied with how the day went. My film was the only one of the 7 chosen that had real continuity to deal with, over the space of about 8 script day and I feel that this was the main obstacle I faced but with the help of the continuity photographer, my wonderful assistant (Georgia Jeffery) and a brilliant actress the day went very smoothly!

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